Organic Colon Cleanse

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Flushing out your body’s toxins is very important with the numerous amounts of fast food chains in the country. Choosing a natural colon cleansing technique is very important.

There are various kinds of this kit available in the market that is made from organic and natural herbal mixtures. Natural or organic cleansing kits are basically more compatible to the human body than synthetic cleansing supplements such as laxatives which are not recommended by most physicians. Some ingredients that you may find as component of an organic colon cleanser are dandelion root, psyllium husks, licorice root and acai berry.

Colon cleansing improves your digestion. The process of digesting food particles combines a mechanical and chemical process of transforming food into molecular level to be absorbed by the body. During the colon cleansing process, the supplements stimulate and tone the natural body secretions and functions of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines and also the colon so that digestion will be smooth.

Although there are known natural methods of colon cleansing such as drinking salt water, none of these procedures are effective as other organic products such as licorice root, whole grains and acai berries. Most organic products are made up of a natural selection of herbs that aids in colon cleansing and remove those harmful toxins from the body.

Flax seeds are a high source of fiber. You can purchase it by the pound and grind them up in a grinder and mix it to your daily oatmeal. Flax seeds are also a good source of omega 9 and omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for the health because it increases the vigor of the heart and the skin.

You can also use Sultana Raisins as a supplementary fiber. You can steam the raisin in a quart of boiling water. Boil for an hour and filter. Sultana raisins can be purchased in any local health store or you can order online.

Senna herb is also used as a supplement during the colon cleansing process. Steam at least 10 ounce of Senna herb in a quart of boiling water for thirty minutes. You can also mix the senna herb to the sultana raisins and add a rose-hip extract.

Synthetic and over the counter colon cleansers are not recommended because most of them are ineffective and not safe. Though they are very cheap, most of them do not work. For most individuals, they need to undergo a colon cleansing procedure using a product that can offer complete detoxification.

If you believe that your colon is perfectly okay, but you experience occasional constipation, oxygen-based colon cleansers are the best for you. If you do not have constipation, but experience indigestion, an enema or colonic cleanser is recommended. But in general, organic products using fibers are recommended by most health professionals.

Since colon cleansing is also a natural body process, anyone can decrease the dependency for colon cleansing by employing alternative health care that you can simply follow:

1. Reduce or totally eliminate eating of processed foods, fried stuff, white flour products, and refined sugar.
2. Increase pure water intake.
3. Get enough rest and quality sleep.
4. Moderate exercise
5. Meditation
6. Foot reflexology

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