Is a Detox Diet Right For You

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In recent years, body detoxification and cleansing has increased in popularity. At one time, many just believed that detoxification was for those dependent on drugs and alcohol. Now, detoxification is being promoted as a health benefit. A number of well-known celebrities have brought the process to light. Although body detoxification does have a number of benefits, is it right for you?

Health conditions. Do you have any diagnosed health condition? For example, do you have a thyroid condition or diabetes? If so, you should never detox your body, especially if water fasting is involved, without first speaking to a healthcare professional. Yes, detoxification and fasting does have many benefits, but those with certain health conditions may do more harm than good.

Excessive weight. Are you overweight? If so, that may be on the reason why you chose to detoxify or cleanse your body. As previously stated, many celebrities have brought cleansing and detoxification into the forefront. Along with that, came the realization that cleansing and detoxification can lead to weight loss. Although you are advised against detoxing your body just for weight loss, you are likely to lose weight.

Ability to stay on track. Are you able to set goals and stick with them? If so, you may be able to successfully complete a detox diet. Unfortunately, many do not realize how difficult these diets can be. Participating in the Master Cleanse, a water fast, or a juice fast can be very hard to adjust to, as all solid food are eliminated from your diet. Even just limiting your food intake to organic foods can be difficult if you are dependant on caffeine, which should be eliminated from your diet.

Lack energy. A lack of energy can be something as simple as not getting enough sleep. It can also be the sign of an underlying medical condition, such as a thyroid problem. Also, it can be due to the consumption of unnatural chemicals and additives. For example, caffeine helps to give us energy, but did you know that too much caffeine can have an adverse effect, leaving you fatigued? Detoxifying your body may help to restore your energy.

Desire. Do you want to improve your health? Are you tired of not looking your age or are you just tired all the time? If so, a detox diet may be able to help. Over the years, you may have consumed many foods and drinks with unnatural chemical and additives. Yes, these are regarded as being “safe,” but not all are expelled from our body. A detox diet or cleanse can help to rid your body of these toxins, leaving your body clean and pure again.

Drug dependency. Do you have a dependency on drugs? Whether those drugs are legal prescriptions drugs or illegal narcotics, you may be seeking help. First and foremost, congratulations. Asking for help and stopping drug consumption can be difficult, but it is an important step to take. Unfortunately, wanting to detox your body to rid yourself of a drug dependency is different than doing so for improving your health or giving you more energy. For that reason, speak to your healthcare professional.

Alcohol dependency. Do you have a dependency on alcohol? As with drugs, detoxification can help, but it is important to speak with a healthcare professional. Overtime, your body will grow dependent on alcohol. If you are at that point, the withdrawal symptoms may be too much for you and your body to handle on its own. Although you can detox at home, it is recommended that you do so under the care of a professional healthcare provider.

In short, a body detox or cleanse does have a number of benefits, but it is not the right choice for everyone. If you opt for a detox diet, but find it difficult or painful to continue on, stop immediately and seek the advice of a trained healthcare provider.

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