Home Theater for the Little Ones

Home Theater

Your home theater can be one room in which everyone loves to watch television. In fact, in many homes it is the one room that is most often used by the family. However, it is obvious that everyone within a family doesn’t always agree on what is an appropriate movie or television choice at any given time.

I know in my family dad and baby girl often disagree on whether Sunday football or yet another viewing of Cars, or whichever Disney flick has her unending attention at the moment, has a higher viewing priority.

In most instances dad wins out as baby girl has almost unlimited access to the television while daddy is working during the week. However a simple solution to this particular dilemma would be to create a pint sized home theater.

Of course then there will be fights among the little ones about who’s turn it is, but that’s better than having them fight over seating position while you’re trying to watch a movie or favorite television show (I think).

While some may think that the investment in a second home theater, especially one for the kids, is a rather sizeable investment, it can actually be quite a good investment to say the least. First of all, the system you purchase for the kids will not need top of the line components.

This is one instance where a box kit might be just what the situation calls for (and you can find those very reasonably priced). Your little ones need neither a plasma television nor a large screen (they tend to sit much closer to the sets than adults so a smaller screen is better) and you just might find replacement parts to tide you over should something ever go out on your home theater system.

Another thing to remember when selecting a home theater for your children is that they are not nearly as demanding as adults when it comes to quality. In fact, they will still be the envy of all their friends merely by having speakers and surround sound.

They do not need HD for either picture or sound in their sets and Bose speakers while great are a little bit of overkill for little ears that think the lyrics to Itsy-Bitsy Spider are inspirational.

Building a home theater system for the kids is also a great way to make them feel as though they are important to you. Most adults really enjoy (or hate depending on how your team is doing on any given Sunday) the time they share with their home theater. The fact that you are providing something that brings you so much pleasure with your little ones by giving them one to share is a great thing in their eyes and minds. Believe it or not, it will also teach them responsibility and to take care of things.

Think about it, we often give our children toys that are broken and forgotten about in a mere matter of days. They see the care we take of our home theaters and are quite likely (and in many cases surprisingly) to follow our example.

You can further illustrate this by telling them what needs to be done in order to properly care for their home theater and remind them of the consequences of failure to do so (endless weeks of football and no Disney) and they are often more than eager to take good care of their special home theater. Remind them that this is a special treat and they should treat it as that and you will be amazed at how effective your words will be.

The peace and quiet that a second home theater can bring to your household is well worth the minimal investment this system should require. I can think of few greater gifts you can give yourself as an adult than a few hours a week of uninterrupted harmony within the household.