Signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Cure

Leaky gut syndrome is best described as damaged intestinal lining. When the actual lining of the intestine becomes somewhat inflamed it fails to function correctly. The porous lining is unable to act as a barrier and prevent toxins from passing through and into the blood stream. The body’s natural response it to fight back against infection and therefore an autoimmune reaction takes place.

Early symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include stomach cramps, excess gas and bloating. Often these symptoms become gradually worse, to the point where the individual experiences intense discomfort. When leaky gut syndrome becomes so unbearable it is time not only to seek medical help but also consider some major changes to your life style.

Studies have shown that they are a whole host of things that can contribute to leaky gut syndrome. These may include poor diet and the consummation of far too many processed foods, excessive alcohol intake, food allergies, certain medications, stress, lack of exercise and toxins in the environment. Treatment can begin with eliminating some of these elements and replacing them with healthy options.

Exercise is without doubt a great help to prevent many health problems and illnesses. But in order to exercise regularly is it important that we eat the right foods to keep us fit and healthy. Increasing the amount of fibre in our diets can help keep bowel movements regular and ward off constipation. Toxins in the body should be expelled as soon as digestion has taken place in order to stop them from damaging the intestinal cavity for too long a time. This will also help reduce pain and reduce the bloated feeling.

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