Learn Italian and Its Origin

Learn Italian Language

The Italian language has developed from its ancestor, Latin, during the 13th and 14th century. Though Italian shares about 85% of similarities to the Spanish and French languages, it is still easier to pronounce. Each word is pronounced exactly as how it is spelled.

However, the Italian language has many sub categories and these are called the Italian dialects. Each town in Italy has different Italian language but the good thing about it is that the Modern Italian language has spread to countries like Somalia. A misunderstanding often happens between an Italian speaking person (not a pure Italian) and an Italian native. This is because the Italian native may have been born in a different district in Italy and the language he could be using is not the standard Italian language but one of the Italian dialects from towns that lie on the outskirt of Italy.

There is still a chance to learn the standard Italian language easy and fast. By using very simple memorization technique, a person can master Italian words even if it just takes a 10 to 15 minute session each day. Below is an example.

The pink ballerina elephant leads the dance and closes the show and receives a whale of applause from the elephant audience.

This method is called Link-Word. This is a memorization technique use to enhance a person’s memory. The idea is to link all the Italian word and its English meaning in one absurd story. Only that the Italian word is replaced by another English word that sounds much like the Italian term.

Italian = Balena
English word used = ballerina
English translation = whale

What’s good about this technique is that it can be used by anyone, of any age. It is a brain exercise which is safe for anybody to try. And it’s all natural too.

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