How Do I Get MLM Leads?

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Lead generating is not a new term – and it’s not exclusive to multi level marketing (MLM). From the meeting rooms of large corporations to schmoozing at events, leads are created by scores of people every single day. But what if you’re a work at home marketer who’s just getting started in the business and don’t know how to begin getting MLM leads? How can you get the leads you have to have in order to see growth?

One way some marketers get leads is through using the services of a lead generator company. What are the pros to this approach? A reputable lead generator will provide the buyer with good leads – meaning they’ll connect you with people who are really interested in what you’re selling.

These companies find these potential customers through a variety of means. They go through their list of potentials and make sure the leads are real people with a working email address.

How Do I Get MLM Leads?

Some companies can even break down leads according to your industry, which helps you target the right audience. These leads are people who’ve been searching for the product or information you have so they’re considered a hot or fresh lead if they’re recent and not stale.

What are some of the cons for buying MLM leads? A few of the less than stellar companies will oversell the leads, which results in customers being contacted numerous times by marketers. You can imagine how happy that makes those who are contacted.

Many of these leads could be what’s known as stagnant or cold leads rather than fresh ones. Another con is that buying leads can be expensive and might not be an option if you’re a newbie to multi level marketing.

There are three major tools that can help you generate leads (and without cost too!). One of them is social media. If you’re not using social media for your business or to help sell the product you want to sell, get involved with sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Make a personal connection. The key to generating leads is in connecting with people and today, more people than not use social media.

The second best tool is to use list building. Create a website to share information about your product and offer visitors something in return for filling out your opt-in form. You can use a free tool like Mail Chimp or a paid one, like Aweber or GetResponse.

Finally, the most overlooked way to generate leads is by using search engine optimization. When you post on social media sites, when you write on your blog (if you don’t have a business blog, you should) and when you write content, always use the advantage that SEO can give you. Sometimes MLM leads will fall right into your lap, but most of the time, you have to go out and get them.

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