Get More Web Traffic With Paid To Click Ads

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When it comes to internet marketing you are wanting to build as much website traffic as possible to the site you are trying to promote. One way you can do that and get paid while doing it is through Paid To Click Sites (PTC).

I mean heck if your are going to promote something to make money online, then why not get paid to do it?

Paid To Click sites allow advertisers to get cheap website traffic, just like one would get using a Traffic Exchange. What’s neat about that too is some Paid To Click sites offer a Traffic Exchange within there site. Other things to note about PTC sites is that they also offer other means of advertising too like paid to read ads (PTR), paid to click ads (PTC), paid to read emails (PTRE), Banner advertising, and more….

So who is it that visits your ads that you purchase at those PTC sites? Well that is the site members. These members are given an incentive usually in cash form for clicking on the ads you place. Depending on which PTC site you choose and everything members will view your ad between 5 – 45 seconds and get paid between $0.0001 – $0.02 per ad they click on.

Advertisers have the same privilages as the members to the site. They too can get paid to click on ads. In return they could use there earnings to purchase advertisments for there ads. Another neat thing about using Paid To Click sites is that if your strapped for cash and are looking for FREE ways you could advertise your links besides with those Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites are a great way to do that. Just go ahead and join a few of them and start clicking on ads to start earning money to use towards your ads. Once you clicked everything possible for you to earn for that day you can then surf the Traffic Exchange if the site you signed up to offers one. All Aurora Sites usually offers the traffic exchange as well as gives bonuses for surfing. Another note: Most PTC sites are totally free to join and earn while some others require certain criteria before one could cash out there earnings.

Well there is one little idea you could try to bring that website traffic to your site or link. And in my opionion why join a traffic exchange site when you can get paid to click on ads and do the same thing on PTC sites as those sites?

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