Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

Bump to Birth

Pregnancy frequently will change your look more than you simply having a larger mid-section. Use the suggestions below for adjusting your approach to beauty during your pregnancy.

If you normally treat your hair with harsh chemicals, you may want to lay off those treatments during pregnancy. You should consult with a physician or other healthcare adviser about whether your current hair treatments should be modified during pregnancy. If you decide to change how you treat your hair, research a look that you believe will work for you during pregnancy. If you want to try to duplicate your look without using the same products you’re accustomed to, be sure to research new products carefully.

You can choose a longer hairstyle and wear larger earrings to counteract the look of an enlarged body during pregnancy. You should also consider wearing longer chains for your necklaces rather than choker-type necklaces that can make your weight-gain look more noticeable during pregnancy.

Your face may appear to be a different shape during pregnancy because of fluctuations in weight and how much water you’re retaining. Consider whether applying your blush differently can create a more suitable look for your pregnancy face.

If you develop pregnancy blemishes make sure you cons