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Have you ever received one of those irksome phone calls? You know the ones where someone stays on the line for a bit, but then hangs up like an idiot. Man, I hate these kinds of calls.

They always cause you to get up and stop what ever it was you were doing, simply to answer the phone for nothing. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why God invented Star69, or reverse phone number look up.

Which ever you want to call it now days. This way you can find out who is wasting your valuable time with prank calls. I for one needed this service a couple years back because someone was always calling my home and hanging up.

What do you know about reverse phone number look up? Do you use caller ID like every other human being on this planet now days? This is the ideal way to know who’s calling at all times. The phone rings, but you give it a quick once over before you actually decide to answer it or not.

This is perfect if you have one of those jobs that randomly call you in. You decide whether or not you wish to answer it. That’s the bomb! Furthermore, did you know that computers also have their own version of reverse phone number look up? Okay, so maybe it’s more of a reverse email lookup.

Regardless, you can find out who is sending you all that junk mail day-in and day-out. I hate that stuff. For a little bit of money, you can install some useful software on your personal computer and really get in the know.

My brother has it hooked into his phone service in order to achieve reverse phone number look up. This is freaking cool. I need to get mine fixed up like that.

When have you ever had to use reverse phone number look up? I have tried Star69 on several occasions and found it very handy overall. Although there have been a few times when it wasn’t successful.

Whenever I think of reverse phone number look up, I can’t help but remember the greatest horror flick of all time. It’s entitled “Black Christmas” and it’s utterly terrifying.

Of course it concerns an obscene caller, who is really a deranged lunatic. And wouldn’t you know it; it appears that he’s in the house the entire time. I must say that reverse phone number look up or caller ID would have come in handy back then. Unfortunately neither were around in 1974.

Reverse Phone Lookup