DIY Tips for Solar Energy in the Home

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If you’re one of the many millions of people struggling in this economy, then it might be a good idea to look into a few ways to cut back on your home expenses. One of the best methods out there is to use solar energy to help eliminate some of your energy costs. But solar energy offers more to you than just monetary savings; read more about DIY solar home installation below.

The first step in the DIY solar process should be to figure out how many solar panels you’re going to need. You do this with some simple math. Calculate how much amperage your home needs to operate and divide that amongst the output of solar panels.

Where is the best location for solar panels? Do a little bit of research and figure out which position would suit you best per your particular climate. Facing the eastern rising sun isn’t always the best option. You may want them positioned to catch the late-day and evening sun.

For some people, it takes a long time before they get around to purchasing solar panels. This means that the panels you researched back in 2010 may be obsolete in 2013. Check out the latest technologies out there. Just look how advanced the iPad is compared to a modern laptop like the MacBook Air, and we’re only talking about a few years.

Before you get up there with your tools and high expectations, you first need to come up with a plan. Create a plan of attack for installing the converter, the storage system, and the panels, and try to stick to it to ensure everything runs smoothly. You don’t want to hit any snags here.

You should also stick firmly to a budget. Paying more than you can afford with the hopes of cashing in on rebates might be a bad move. You’ll have to wait until tax season for a rebate, and you’ll have to wait years if not decades to recoup the entire cost. So create a firm budget.

If you can’t find a friend willing to help you lug the panels up to the roof and install them, then perhaps you need to find new friends. You don’t want to turn a DIY project into an outsourced project by paying laborers, so try to locate a friend, neighbor or family member to assist you in the installation of your solar system.

No matter what you think you know, it’s important that you follow the instructions to the letter. Yes, every single nut and bolt needs to be used, and there is no rig job you can put on the panels to make them produce electricity better. Don’t get all “Tim the Tool Man” with your system; just follow the instructions.

With the right motivation and knowledge, you can easily install a solar rig in your home over the course of a weekend. Just try to learn what you can about solar power in order to save money and to install the system properly.

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