The Truth About Arthritis: Eliminating The Myths

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Although arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people each year, there are still tons of myths floating around about it. The below article will debunk some of the most common myths on arthritis so that you will be better informed.

The first most common myth concerning arthritis is that only older people get this condition. Although it is true that the older you get, the more your odds increase of catching this disease, especially as you reach 50 and older.

However, younger people can catch certain forms of arthritis. Researchers don’t know exactly what causes it, but certain risk factors include obesity, lack of fitness, injured joints, and unfortunately heredity.

Many people with arthritis claim that living in colder climates worsens their arthritis symptoms. However, this is not the case. The real reason is because the colder weather makes them miserable, and whenever you are miserable, you feel worse. In addition, people usually are not as active in colder weather, and when you are not active, your arthritis symptoms can worsen.


There are some people who believe that a cure exists for arthritis. They may believe they have been cured from their arthritis due to some type of medication they have taken. However, if they truly had arthritis, then there is no cure. They may be properly managing their symptoms with the medication or other thing they are doing, but they haven’t cured it. It’s also possible that they didn’t have arthritis in the first place. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you protect your joints now as well as you can. Arthritis is a life-long condition that you will have to live with. However, if you do get arthritis, it doesn’t have to be terrible as long as you properly manage it.

Some people believe that when you have arthritis, you cannot exercise. Although exercise can be painful, experts claim that regular exercise will eventually relieve your arthritis pain as long as you push through it. However, you don’t want to push too much and injure yourself. It can be difficult to determine how much exercise is too much, but it’s usually recommended to exercise 30 minutes three times per week. Also, make sure you only do exercises that are easy on your joints, such as walking, swimming, and biking.

Some people who have arthritis claim that their arthritis pain is not that bad; therefore, it must not be too bad for others. However, this is not true. Arthritis affects people differently. Some people may experience very mild pains. However, others may have pain that is excruciating. In addition, there are many different forms of arthritis. Therefore, there really is no way to determine how much arthritis could impact you until you get it.

Now that you have read this article, you should be more educated on some of the myths that are out there on arthritis. Therefore, if you get arthritis, you should be able to properly treat it. Keep in mind that the more knowledge you have on this condition, the better off you will be.

The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis