Barrett’s Esophagus and the Risk of Esophageal Cancer

How I Cured My Barrett’s Esophagus

The esophagus is a long, muscular tube that connects your mouth and throat to your stomach. It is responsible for swiftly and efficiently moving your food to your digestive system after you swallow it. Although esophageal cancer is not as prevalent in the United States as it is for some countries in Africa and Asia, this debilitating disorder can still disrupt your ability to eat and gain the nutrients that you need to survive.

Doctors and researchers are not sure of the exact cause of esophageal cancer. However, as with all cancers, the cells in this area mutate so that they grow rapidly, forming a tumor. If left untreated, the tumor can metastasize. This means that bits of the tumor can break off and spread to other areas of your body, causing tumors to sprout in other important organs. As cancer spreads, it gets more and more difficult to treat.

One indication of potential esophageal cancer may be Barrett’s esophagus. This condition results when the cells of the esophagus mutate from esophageal cells into the same type of cells that line the stomach or intestines. Although Barrett’s esophagus can arise without any warning, there is a strong correlation between this condition and chronic acid reflux. Some medical professionals hypothesize that the cells mutate into stomach and intestinal cells, which are more resistant to the corrosive stomach acid that comes with reflux problems.

To prevent chronic acid reflux, there are several things that doctors may recommend. For some people, this problem can be alleviated by cutting out acidic foods and any items that trigger your heartburn. Many people should also stand up or walk around for an hour or so after they eat so that food is passed along. Laying down right after eating can make you more likely to experienced heartburn. In more extreme cases, you may need a medication to help prevent acid reflux.

Sadly, one popular anti-acid reflux drug, Reglan, has been linked to severe side effects such as neuromuscular disorders. These are typically incurable and can affect you for the rest of your life. If you believe that you have developed a neuromuscular condition after taking Reglan, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you with your pain and suffering as well as other costs. To learn more, please visit the website of the Reglan lawsuit attorneys from Williams Kherkher today.

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