What Sets The Alarm Bells Ringing at a CPA Network?

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Applying and getting accepted to a CPA network is among the most important parts of making a future for yourself in internet marketing.

When it comes to your application, you want it to be convincing enough that a company will say “Yes, you have our attention – we are convinced that you know enough to do the job, and we will accept you”.

There is no point going about this in a timid way – the networks will accept some and reject others, and if you get rejected you will just have to apply somewhere else – or make sure your application is improved and resubmitted.

There are certain things that make a CPA network throw an application directly into the garbage without giving it much thought. One of the most common rookie mistakes is to use a generic email address on your application.

If it finishes with @hotmail.com or @gmail.com, then you are going to find it harder to be accepted. It’s no slight on you personally, but most of the scam applicants use generic addresses.

When you set up your website, you should have been given a webmaster email account. Use this.

Never leave anything blank on the form. If you leave things out, it looks like you’re hiding something.

Even if your honest answer to the question risks making you look bad, fill it in and explain the situation – CPA networks are big on giving chances to those who show they understand the arrangement.

Finally, use a genuine phone number and address rather than a PO Box – just like an application for credit, you will want to convince them you are worth it.

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