Finding The Missing Link

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One of the most telling factors in a high search engine ranking is the power of links. Every time someone links to your site, it registers with Google as a sign of its popularity.

The more people you can persuade to place a link to your site on theirs, the more highly Google will rank you.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of link bank sites where people go and place links to their site.

The theory goes that it doesn’t matter if someone clicks the link – the fact that it is there, on another site, means that you have got the points for being linked to.

This is a dangerous way of trying to generate a high Google search ranking. For one thing, link bank sites are full of other links.

Yes, you may have got your link on another site, but so have they.

If you were to click through, you’d find that many of these sites are terrible – but clicking through is inadvisable in any case, because what really gives you a high Google ranking, far more so than just having a link to your site, is having a popular and active link that people are keen to read.

Therefore, you should consider the quality of your website before you go about trying to build links.

Placing links on places like your Twitter feed and online forums is potentially beneficial, but only specifically helpful if the link is likely to be clicked.

If you stick a disembodied, out-of-context link on a site, or if few people read the site, the best thing that can happen is that people don’t bother clicking it. If you place it in a form that has rules against spamming, you may find your post edited and your account cancelled.

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