Should You Take Anti-depressants?

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If you are depressed, the professional who treats you will more than likely prescribe you some anti-depressants. Read this article to learn more about anti-depressants and get an idea of what to expect if you decide to take medication.

Anti-depressants make your negative feelings go away by influencing the chemical balance of your brain. Positive chemicals will be released and you will feel more relaxed and happier regardless of external factors. It is best to reduce your exposure to other chemicals that could influence the chemistry in your brain. If you are already taking another medication or are under birth control, you should talk to your therapist about how anti-depressants might interact with the medication you are already taking. You should also avoid drinking while you are on anti-depressants.

If you have taken anti-depressants before and did not have a good experience, you should let your therapist know. There are different types of anti-depressants and your therapist will probably prescribe a different kind of medication if you did not respond well to a certain type of anti-depressant. If you do not get good results from the medication your therapist prescribes or cannot handle the side effects, let him or her know and ask if you can switch to a different medication.

Should You Take Anti-depressants

It usually takes from two to three weeks before anti-depressants become efficient. Your body needs to absorb a certain quantity of the medication before the chemicals start influencing your brain. The symptoms of your depression might actually become worse during the first two weeks since small quantities of the medication will cause your brain to release more of the chemicals that trigger negative emotions. There are some medications you can take as a supplement to attenuate these symptoms during the first few weeks.

Once you are on anti-depressants, it is very important you respect the dosage prescribed by your therapist. You should not quit cold turkey if you think you are getting better or cannot stand the side effects of your medication anymore. Contact your therapist if you want to make some changes to your treatment. Once you stop taking anti-depressants, the chemicals will remain in your system for as long as a couple of months, depending on the medication you were taking.

You should research possible side-effects before taking an anti-depressants. As mentioned above, you might feel worse before you notice an improvement. Anti-depressants can also modify your sleep patterns and suppress your appetite. Losing or gaining weight is not uncommon, but you can usually balance these side-effects by adapting your diet. A lot of people experience a decreased libido throughout their treatment. You might also experience dry mouth, dizziness or even nausea. If the side-effects are more than you can handle, contact your therapist.

Anti-depressants will help you get through your daily life and give you enough energy to battle your depression. They should not become a long-term solution; you should focus on finding ways to resolve the issues that are causing your depression so you can live a happier life once you stop taking medications.

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