Digital Photography Lesson Strategy

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More than likely some of your more recent goals would have been to take up a hobby that will include the latest in electronic gadgets. It will also encourage the mind to learn something new and at the same time allow you to indulge in a pastime that reflects your enjoyment for photography. Digital photography is an ideal hobby that mixes together all these three goals together. Now go out and purchase and learn to use your new digital camera.

If you are new to all this type of latest technology, it is very important to educate yourself with a well thought out basic digital photography lesson plan. Your basic digital photography lesson plan should include how to shop for a digital camera and a basic understanding of how to utilize this new electronic apparatus.

Some Basic Features

A no frills digital photography lesson plan will start with the purchase of a digital camera. Let’s not forget there are many factors that need be considered prior to purchasing your digital camera.

One of the first considerations should be the number of mega-pixels that the camera is rated at. A pixel is considered the smallest unit of a digital image that encompasses the entire digital picture. Therefore a mega-pixels can be defined as over one million pixels. This attribute of a digital camera is very important as the greater number of pixels equates to a higher quality digital image. For that reason it is important to select a digital camera that has over five mega-pixels.

Another essential learning step in the digital photography lesson plan is the purchase of a memory card. The memory card should meet your digital photography needs. Generally speaking the physical size of these memory cards are the same. However, the amount of data that the memory cards can hold varies from card to card. Quite often the memory cards come in 4 different capacities. Those capacities are 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 64MB. Obviously the more megabytes the more data the memory cards will hold. Let’s not forget that the greater the capacity size of the memory card, the greater the cost will be.

Another essential accessory that you will need to invest in is the battery charger. Often digital cameras will expend the power of the batteries quite quickly, especially when the viewfinder is utilized repeatedly. Therefore, it is important to have a spare pair of batteries as well as a battery charger.

Basic Operation Steps

The next step that you will work towards in the digital photography lesson plan is the basic steps required to operate the digital camera.

When the power has been turned on, an indicator light usually signals to the photographer that the camera is ready to take photographs. Some features on the camera may allow for the activation button to be depressed without taking the photograph. This action allows for the lens to focus on the image to be captured.

Once the digital image has been taken, the camera may allow for the image to be viewed on the viewing screen. This gives the photographer the opportunity to immediately view the digital picture to make sure it meets their standard.

The final step of the digital photography lesson plan is to become acquainted with the enclosed software that the digital camera is packaged with. Often this software can be simply inserted into the CD drive and the software will begin to download itself onto your computer. In addition, a number of digital cameras are equipped with a USB cable. This cable when attached to a USB port on one end and the other end of the cable to your digital camera will allow for the easy downloading of the digital photographs that were taken by the camera.

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