How To Choose Digital Photography Books

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For those of you who simple cannot make it to a Digital Photography class, do not lose faith. There is still plenty of information to obtain through reading a digital photography book! Plus they also make a great complement to taking a class.

I know what some of you are saying. “With so information out on the web, I can just find something on Digital Photography. After all I’m reading your website, aren’t I?”

This is all very true. And while I am very pleased that you’re reading my website, however there is more to be said. In my personal experience, I have never come across a website that can hold the amount of information in a 300 page book. Plus the book is great guide to carry around when I use my camera outdoors!

Walk into any bookstore and you are bound to find a very good selection on digital photography books that encompass everything from beginner levels to much more advanced photography techniques. Obviously you’re going to have to do a little research but the one thing you want to keep in mind is that “You’re looking for a book that will tell you what you want to know about Digital Photography!” So if you want to know about shooting outdoors, or simply how to work your camera then look for a book that discusses just that!

Make sure you read over the books. You might feel a tad intimidated and overwhelmed (Trust me, I’ve been there) but you will eventually find what you’re looking for. Also try to ask a salesperson. They may know some popular titles that others like yourself have enjoyed.

While you’re free to do your own research, I would like to pass along one of my own favorites entitled “Complete Digital Photography” by Ben Long. What I really enjoyed about this book is that the author takes you through a very comprehensive instruction on not only the proper steps to take great pictures, but also how to buy the right digital camera for you. Its not as basic as “Digital Photography for Dummies,” but its not as though you need a PhD to understand it either. By either looking around the bookstore or just running a “Google” search on Ben Long, you should have no problem finding his books.

Some of the other books you may want to look into are ones that deal with Digital Camera Printers.

Some books also come with software help you. I find these to both good and bad. Some of these are touting their own products and some are just using up space on my hard-drive.

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