DIY Deck Building In Detail

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Deck building is one of the most fun projects you can engage in. To get the best results, it is important to understand what the entire process entails. A better understanding of the process ensures that you enjoy the overall results too.

When beginning, you ought to understand that deck building is more than a process that utilizes wood. There are numerous options that the deck design and plan can take that can work around wood. This is a good reprieve for people looking to have unique designs or if you live in a place where wood prices are too high. You can make use of different materials including recycled plastics, redwood, mahogany, ipe, cypress among others.

It is also prudent to get a building permit. With the permit, it is possible to work without any distractions. Lack of a permit can get you into serious problems with the law and it is best recommended that you have a building permit. A permit allows you to conform to the various aspects of design and ensure everything is right.

Next, decide on the deck location. Will it be in the front porch or t the back? Should it b e facing the sun or away from the sun? With these considerations, you get to enjoy the best value when the project is completed. You also should consider the activities that you will be holding on the deck and how often you will be there and the number of persons. All these considerations should be done for the best deck plan to come into existence.

When you are laying the foundation of the deck, ensure you dig deep. This helps you in ensuring you get a very firm and sturdy foundation to work with. Ensure the building code of your locality is adhered to. The depth of the deck will however depend mainly on the frost level depending on climate.
While laying the deck into place, make sure the ledger board is balanced well before it is bolted on. This prevents the need to move the ledger board when in place which can turn out to be a very expensive undertaking.

At all costs, ensure the deck is protected from the sun as much as possible. More care should be taken if the deck is made of wood. The sun can wreak havoc in the long run if the deck is not adequately protected. Paint should be used to cover the entire deck as paint has its fair share of sunscreen, thus ensures weathering is minimized. If the deck material cannot be painted on, do stain it and apply a clear coat. This gives a very long lasting look and the damage is minimized.

Lastly, ensure that your deck plan factors in the expansion and contraction properties of wood, if you bolt wood together. A gap of about 1/8 inch should be left to factor for expansion and contraction.

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