Best Material to Use for Decking Plans

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When working on decking plans, it is common saying that the material used determines the ultimate decking outcome. Choosing the right decking material is thus advised as the outcome largely depends on the quality of material used. Different decking plans will demand different materials. Another determinant of the decking material is the general climate of the area that you desire to lay the decking.

Most of the decking plans have revolved around wood for many years. With advances in technology, synthetic materials are seemingly gaining popularity as a decking material. Depending on the desired outcome, cost, durability as well as aesthetics, the preferred decking material is selected. Choose your options well so that you strike the perfect balance between cost, durability, material availability and aesthetics.

One of the decking materials that has been used for hundreds of years is red wood. The reason why redwood is so popular is it is readily available, resistant to rot and gives a unique look. It is also affordable. When treated annually with a sealant, the wood can stay for many years. Though a good material, it has a hue of red which might not auger well with most deck plans, depending on the colour of the house chosen.

Another common option is cedar. This is strong wood that can last for years and is rot resistant too. This is an option that is preferred due to its neutral silver to gray color as it weathers. Another benefit of cedar is that it is affordable, costing much less than redwood.

Cypress can also be used as a decking material of choice. This is a good option if you are in the south east and in need of a robust wood type building a deck. For best results, ensure that you go for pretreated cypress. Though it is pricier as opposed to redwood and cedar, it offers value in the long run.

For best results, pressure treated lumber is recommended. It is available in most areas, though it is n a greenish shade which in time weathers to silver gray. If you are specific on color, you can get it pre-stained such that it looks like cedar or even redwood. This is the best option if you desire a one off solution.

If you desire to work with trends, synthetic decking is the way to go. The beauty of synthetic decking is that is has very low maintenance costs. This is made from recycled plastics and can be got in a variety of designs. You can also paint the decking. The only limitation is it can never look as wood looks as it weathers. Installation is also somewhat technical, as expansion should be factored in. It is however important to note that irrespective of the chosen synthetic material, support struts must be from wood.

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