How Emetophobia Eraser Defines Emetophobia

The Emetophobia Recovery System

Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting and effects thousands of people all over the world. It is a fear that is not always recognised as a medical condition and as a result those who are unfortunate to be a sufferer, will go to extreme lengths to control or mask their phobia. Without doubt, emetophobia can radically change a person’s life and have negative effects on the quality of their life style.

The following examples are some of the many noted symptoms and behaviours that emetophobia is recognised for. Constant fear of being sick to the point where the individual is almost a nervous wreck, complete refusal to leave the home for fear of being sick in public, the inability to consume certain foods and drinks for fear they may make the person vomit, total sensation of panic, rapid heartbeats, sweating, shaking which can take a good few moment to settle and pass, panic attacks, dizziness, and general feeling of depression.

There are many more characteristics that come with the fear of vomiting but they are all thought to be linked to an emotional trigger. Once the cause can be identified, treatment is a lot more probable. Emetophobia can be controlled and even overcome once the root of it is pin pointed. Therapy is however only effective if carried out properly and adhered to. Any future symptoms must be traced back to the original cause to see if there is a pattern or to determine where or not treatment was correctly carried out or even appropriate when suggested as a treatment method.

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