Treating Emetophobia

The Emetophobia Recovery System

Emetophobia is a phobia which is recognised as a medical condition. The fear of vomiting can now be considered as a life debilitating phobia which can be controlled with effective treatment methods. There are various treatments which can help sufferers lead a more normal life but before any form of treatment can be considered, it is fundamental that the patient is willing to admit there is a problem.

Hypnosis is perhaps the most effective way to treat and overcome emetophobia. The person is literally taken back to the time in their past when the phobia first started to make an appearance. By talking them through this event it can really help to make progress in the treatment process. The mere idea of being sick or even seeing someone else being sick , is no doubt the results of a bad experience that have left an impressionable and emotional scar on the individual.

Another form of treatment is that of anti depressants which can help to reduce a person’s fear of vomiting. Ante depressants produce relief for rapid heartbeat and dizziness that often occur when sickness occurs. Taking medication is not really recommended as it can counter the effect of treating emetophobia by causing the sufferer to belive ot is the tablet which is making them feel sick.

Exposure treatment where people who are fearful of vomiting are exposed to sounds, sights and images of people being sick, have proven to work in certain cases. Gradual exposure to this fear is said to desensitise a person but not many are willing to submit themselves to this form of treatment in the first instance for fear of panic attacks and other typical symptoms from occurring.

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