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Top Tips for Creating Better Live Content

Creating live content is something that most marketers won’t have much experience with. The big live streaming sites have only been around in the last year and so this is still very much an area where we are learning and honing our craft. Fortunately, video content is not so new. If you’re used to creating…

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The Best Kinds of Content for Facebook Live

When creating content for Facebook Live – or any type of live video for that matter – you will quickly learn that some types work better than others. Some content is simply more engaging in a live format and works better that way, while other types just aren’t suited to this type of video. For…

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How to Grow Your Audience on Facebook Live

Once you try creating content for Facebook Live, you will very quickly recognize just how great the format is for really connecting with your audience and offering something different and more exciting compared with your competition. And once you realize that, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that your content is seen by as many…

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