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Do you know why Fiverr is becoming more and more popolar today? It’s simply because of what it can do for you for $5!

Yes, that’s why the domain is called Fiverr because everything is literally for $5 only. Here are some cool things you can do in Fiverr.

1. You can request for gigs in Fiverr

That’s the term used in Fiverr if you want someone does something for you. In the Request Gigs area, just complete the box provided that says “I’m looking for someone who will” Type in your keyword and the related gigs will race out. Try “write article”, “make logo”, “create website”, etc. and complete the category section – Fun & Bizarre, Social Marketing, Graphics, Advertising, Writing, Tips & Advice, Business, Technology, Programming, Other, Music & Audio, Gifts, Travel and Video. After clicking Suggest, you’ll receive something like Thank You, your suggestion has been submitted for review.

2. You can create gigs

By completing the top box that says, “What Are You Willing To Do For $5?”. Just be as descriptive as possible so others will notice your skills. Click any of the gigs and you’ll notice that some even have unique ways to drive traffic to your site.

3. You can check what people need in Fiverr

They’re normally located at the bottom of the Suggest button. If you already have a gig, you can ask them. Who knows, the gig could be awarded to you.

4. You can window-shop for gigs

Some gigs are extra hilarious and funny but others could be intimidating for some. Just shop around and who knows you’ll stumble upon something that’ll spark some ideas.

5. You can inquire prior to purchase in Fiverr

Ask your preferred contractor as much as possible before awarding the gig to him/her. Though it’s almost always great to hire those top-rated sellers, the disadvantage is the product’s long-delayed delivery. I tried once and I was put in queue. Delivery was on the 20th day.In another gig, I tried to ask first before I awarded him my logo design. I had about 2 revisions but generally, the transaction was smooth. I gave him good ratings after.

I’m not promoting the site, but I just can’t help but share what Fiverr can do for you.

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