Save on Communication and Electricity

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With only a few barely noticeable changes in how you communicate electronically-by phone and internet-and how you deal with electricity, let’s face it we all have to deal with electricity, will start to show a savings in as little as a month. Below I have listed several things in both areas that will start you on your way to saving.

Cell Phones, Internet, and Communication Utilities Avoid pre-paid cell phones, even if you just want the phone for emergencies, unless you are careful to use a plan with minutes that don’t expire. You pay exorbitant rates per minute.

Never underestimate the minutes your teen may use. Be careful not to get the lowest plan. Constant overages are very expensive overall. You don’t necessarily need a home phone if you have a cell phone. With free nights, weekends and long distance, you may save considerably. Be careful with phone plans that have low rates, because the taxes add significantly to the bill. For your Internet connection, you don’t have to get the highest rate of connection speed. For the average user, you won’t be able to tell the difference and that can save you $20 a month.

If you switch to broadband, don’t keep your dialup (unless you travel often outside the country or in rural areas). Also, drop paying for AOL. All AOL features are free if you have broadband.

Heat and Electricity

Make sure your boiler and hot water heater are maintained properly. Wear layers of clothing and keep the heat lower.
Use kitchen and bathroom vents sparingly in the winter Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents
Wash laundry in cold or warm instead of hot Use a clothesline instead of using the dryer
Use a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner.

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