Saving Money on Car Gas

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With the cost of gas today, we are all looking for ways to save money. Below are several tips that will help you save on car gas. Every little bit adds up.

Get A Gas Card

Almost all major gas stations offer their own brand of gas credit card that will allow you to save 3-5 percent on all your gas purchases at their stations. Saving 5 percent off every gallon of gas means a savings of around $3.75 per tank.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Hitting the gas pedal hard when the light turns green and braking hard when you stop will increase the rate at which your car using its gas.

Use Your Cruise Control

Cruise control not only helps you drive at a steady speed but also saves you gas. On average, you’ll save about seven percent more gas than if you don’t use cruise control.

Slow Down

Sure, going fast can be fun. It can also get you a nice collection of speeding tickets, but more importantly, the faster you drive the more gas you use.

Stop Idling

If you going to be sitting and waiting some place without moving for more than about a minute, turn off the engine. It probably goes without saying that if you can avoid rush hour traffic, you should.

Plan Ahead

Map out the places you will need to stop at and figure the shortest route. This not only saves gas, it save time.

You have legs – use them

Really want to save money on gas? Then use your legs. A lot of trips aren’t really that far, and while it takes a little longer to walk somewhere than to drive, it’s a good chance to get outside for some fresh air and get some exercise in the process. If you don’t want to walk, think about getting a bicycle.

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