Selecting the Best Gardening Tools

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There is no need to spend endless amounts of money to fill up the tool shed with every new gadget to use in the garden. Even though the hardware store is filled with an endless supply of gardening rakes, shovels, and gardening equipment, a few essential tools are really all that is required.

Most gardeners can fully function in their landscape and garden by using the basic tools including a spade, stirrup hoe, pruners, garden fork, bow rake, and a cultivator. It also helps to have a leaf rake, and a Japanese garden knife to help with weeding, making furrows and to divide plants.

Purchasing Gardening Tools

Any basic gardener will understand the simplicity of their craft and the minimal amount of gardening tools they need to purchase or replace. Gardeners that have to deal with a variety of shrubs and trees will likely need to invest in hedge shears, bypass loppers, and a hand saw.

It is important to only purchase high-quality gardening tools. They tend to last longer, and are much simpler to clean. When possible, select stainless steel tools because they will not rust. However, high-quality often equals more money.

But in the long run, quality tools help the gardener perform their duties because they are easy to sharpen, and more sturdy and durable. Purchase only hand tools for gardening that are crafted with ash shafts and forge sockets. This is because they tend to handle the stress and pressure of extensive gardening.

Study the Tool

Before making a purchase, completely study the gardening tool to ensure its quality. Determine whether the shaft of the tool was crafted straight, and that the wood grain appears to run down the entire shaft length. Stay away from any tool that has a painted handle, because the paint was likely used to disguise inferior quality wood. Hold the tool in your hand. This will help determine whether it is too light or too heavy for the job it will be used for. Purchase loppers, hand saws and pruners that have replaceable blades.


The best types of gardening tools to purchase are those that have multiple uses. Place back anything on the shelf that you know you will only use for one specific activity, such as planting a bulb. In all likelihood, you already own the tool that can do that specific job just as well, like your trowel. The only exception to this hard and fast rule would be the purchase of a long-handled weeder designed specifically for dandelions. This is because the specific tool makes it so much easier to maintain lawns.

Ergonomic Tools

The latest and most creative invention in the world of gardening tools are those that are designed ergonomically. These are phenomenal choices when selecting the best gardening tools because they are designed specifically to reduce injury and stress to the joints and muscles in the hands, arms and wrists.

Selecting the best gardening tools is the easiest way to enjoy the outdoor experience of tackling plants, shrubs and trees. Using the best equipment minimizes stress on your body, and maximizes the results in the garden.

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