The Best Vegetables To Grow

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A vegetable garden is great to have in your backyard. You can give yourself a hobby to do in your free time and you will also be able to save money by growing your own vegetables. It can be kind of hard to determine what vegetables are the best to grow in a garden though, but do not worry if you are indecisive. This article is here to help you figure out what vegetables are the best to grow for your garden.

Tomatoes are the first vegetable you should plant in your garden. People use vegetables for just about anything, so you will most likely consume these regularly. Try and grow at least 5 different tomato plants in your garden. Start by planting your seeds indoors anywhere from 6 to about 8 weeks. Expose your tomato plants to the sun for at least 6 hours a day.

Once they are ready plant them in an area that gets a lot of sun and 2 feet apart from one another so that they can grow to their potential. Some vegetables don’t require full exposure to the sun all the time, but tomato plants should get the maximum amount of sun possible. Try to use loamy soil and make it acidic. This is the optimal growing condition for your tomato plant.

Peppers are another good vegetable to plant. These vegetables go good in a lot of meals. Just like you tomato plants you want to give peppers full exposure to the sun. You should start the seeds for peppers indoors about 8 to 10 weeks before you plant them outside. Keep the temperature of the growing area around 75 degrees. Once you are ready plant them in your garden with loamy soil. Keep the soil pH neutral to help the peppers grow.

You can potentially eat lettuce with every meal and it will be healthy. Grow lettuce in your garden you will save a lot of money. Lettuce grows best in the cool season, so you might not want to plant any during summer. Start getting your plants prepared towards the end of winter so that they can grow during spring. Get your plant ready 4 to 6 weeks inside before you take it out to grow. Lettuce does not need a lot of sun throughout the day, just partial. As far as the soil is concerned all you have to do is grow it with loamy soil and it should grow fine.

The three vegetables listed are great starters for a garden. Grow the vegetables listed and then expand your garden further. Share the vegetables you grow with your friends, family, and neighbors by preparing tasteful meals with them. There is no point in growing a vegetable garden if you do not make good food out of your creations. A vegetable garden is a rewarding experience because it helps you become more independent and gives you the ability to start growing your own food. Start your vegetable garden as soon as possible.

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