Top 5 How to Handsome Faqs

The Handsome Factor

What are how to handsome FAQs? How to handsome was a “how-to” series my company conducted for men. It was for guys who wanted to increase their handsome factor to attract more in their lives. There were many how to topics including how to hair, how to face care, how to shave, how to have better sex, etc.

We created the how to handsome series for men to increase their appearance factor…Because men find it very difficult to increase their appearance and attraction quickly. We don’t use make up, don’t have natural sexy features women have, and there isn’t much intellectual “know-how” out there for male grooming. From this, we’re sharing 5 top how to handsome FAQs from men just like you.

How can I increase my attraction factor immediately?

One of the most important steps for men’s grooming is to dress well. A man’s overall image is really what gets noticed. Be sure you dress to the occasion. If you’re going to the movies, don’t wear a tie! Be modern, be normal. You might be tempted to dress different to stand out. I highly disagree with this tactic.

Groom and dress well – you’ll stand out. Why? Because most people don’t groom themselves properly and dress poorly. The trick is to look sharp. A clean simple look always works.

How can I look tall?

This is an important how to handsome FAQ because society finds tall people more attractive…And research shows tall people are more successful. I’ve seen many men who are 6 feet tall appear 5’9 and vice versa. Whether you are naturally tall or short, be sure to have good posture. When you sit down or you’re standing up, do not hunch your back. This is man’s biggest folly. Sit with no tension in your shoulders and always keep them slightly rolled back. Don’t overlook this how to handsome FAQ. It’ll take some practice to have naturally good posture.

Will a smile increase my handsome factor?

I’ve read many books where executives talk of only trusting people who smile. Everybody loves a great smile. A proper smile at the right times will send your attraction factor to the stratosphere. Use lip balm, brush and floss your teeth. Practice your smile in the mirror until it looks great to look more handsome.

What kind of mens hair style should I get?

There are exceptions to this rule…The go short rule. A scientific study at Yale University indicates that men who have short hair with the front up are perceived to be more handsome. If you have a really round face, consider having long-hair. But short hair won’t do you harm. Stay clean cut. It was our how to handsome series closer…Hair can make or break you.

Do I need to be cocky?

This how to handsome FAQ was frequently asked by different men! Women and people in general do not like men with big egos. Do you? Probably not. What people like are manly men. And often, a manly person is associated with a cocky man. Be manly not egocentric. You can be manly by having confidence, being yourself, relaxing, smiling and having fun. Stop sweating the small stuff…You’ll naturally become more manly.

I hope these how to handsome FAQs increase your handsome factor to the stratosphere and attract success into your life.

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