Creating a ‘Done for You Business’ for Maximum Profit

High Ticket Authority eBook

If you want to maximize your profits online, then your eventual aim should be to sell a big ticket (or high ticket) item. This is something that you’re going to charge $99-$20,000 and above for and that needs to be incredibly high quality and very appealing to your audience to justify that price.

This is where a lot of people struggle and it’s why even some of the most successful online marketers never get to this point. How can they possibly offer this kind of value from a single product?

There are a number of different answers to this question. One option is to provide personal one-on-one time, which is something you can always charge a lot for.

Another option is to sell a course. Again, people are used to paying a lot for courses and especially if it can help their career.

A third option though is to sell an entire ready made business. This means that you’re selling all the pieces that someone needs to start earning money online and you’re providing the entire cookie cutter business model for them to start earning money from. Not only does this involve a lot of individual materials but it also means that you’re selling something that should in theory be an investment and pay for itself.

What This Looks Like

The main way to sell a ready made business is to sell a sales funnel, a digital product and perhaps a blog template. This way, the buyer can start uploading content to the blog, they can upload your sales page and they can start making money from the sales. There’s nothing more they need to do themselves and they are earning right away!

Of course you also need to be careful to avoid duplicate content. Fortunately, duplicate content is not an issue if what you’re creating isn’t going to be published online. So ebooks, email courses and even videos are fine to be used time and again.

Likewise, duplicate content for a blog is fine if the method of marketing you’re recommending involves links from social media rather than Google.

A typical package then might include:

  • A business guide on how to make everything work
  • A digital product (or maybe even several)
  • A series of blog posts
  • A sales page
  • A sales funnel, including free report
  • Email swipes
  • A list of useful tools
  • A list of contacts/marketing opportunities

This can then sell for $2,000+ because in theory, it will help the buyer to earn much more than that in the long run!

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