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Start an Online Business

Being a single mom can present many challenges to parenting. Not only are you mom, you also may have to fill the shoes of dad. Working can be a challenge and you’ll have to cover child care costs unless you’re working during school hours. Finding jobs you can do from home may be the easiest way to stay afloat while your child is too young for school.

Day Care

You could run a day care from your home and take care of other children. Your child would have playmates and you’d be making some money. Some states require licensing for this but it’s not a difficult process.

Virtual Assistant

If you’ve had office experience you may want to work as a virtual assistant. You won’t need a lot of clients and you can sometimes pick up a former employer as a client in this situation. They already know you and your work so many times they are more than willing to hire you as a virtual assistant. You’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks mostly using the computer. You can plan to work at your leisure as long as your little one allows you to work. Many moms choose to work during nap times, get up earlier and stay up after their little one gets to bed to make up their hours.

Social Media Expert

This job is ideal for the work from home mom. You will set up pages for businesses on social media sites. You will then update these sites daily, every other day, weekly or however the business wishes for you to do it. They will communicate with you via phone or email.

Build Websites

You can build websites for businesses. Many businesses pay big money to have someone build them a website. You can easily learn to do this in your spare time and make some money.


If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can work as a seamstress. You can charge something like $2 per pair to hem pants or $2 per skirt etc. Call or stop into local thrift stores and offer your services for clients or offer to mend clothing at a reasonable fee and then bring it back. You may find you have a lot of work available to you.


Mentor teen moms. Teach them how to be a good mom. There are many programs looking for good mom role models to do this sort of thing.


If you’re good in a specific subject you might be a great tutor. Leave your card with local home schooling associations, school districts, colleges, libraries and the like. You may find you have more business than you know what to do with.

Teach a Musical Instrument

If you play piano, guitar, violin etc. You could teach music lessons. Many parents pay up to $50 per hour for these lessons. Most areas vary from $15 to $25 but more advanced lessons cost more.

Working from home takes determination and energy but if you’re determined to not pay child care costs for your own child these ideas may just keep you afloat.

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