Great Ideas For Remodeling Your Garage

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The garage is often overlooked as usable living space. A lot of people just use it as a storage space for all of their extra belongings. Even if you park your car in there, there is usually a bit of space left that you can use to extend your living space. There are some helpful ideas on how you can remodel your garage into a space that can add value.

Your garage provides the perfect spot for a workshop. You can set aside a corner of your garage and put in a heavy-duty work bench. If your garage still has exposed beams on the walls, you can finish that off with a peg board. Use that in combination with various hooks, and you can have a convenient spot to hang your hand tools. Install a task light on your work bench. When you have a big project to work on, just park your car outside for a bit. You will have all the space you need to work on your project with your tools on hand and neatly organized.

You can transform your garage into a room for entertainment. Put in some durable carpeting and then wire this area for your home electronics. You can put in your entertainment center and include a big TV, speakers, DVD player, video games and whatever else you want to use. Put in a couple of recliners or a comfortable sofa set if you plan to have guests over.

Maybe you need a place to work out. The garage would be a perfect place to set up a home gym. A workout bench is usually too big for inside the house, but you can easily put it in your garage. Add some shelves for storing your other workout gear, like dumbells, a jump rope and an exercise mat if you do floor exercises. You can put in a small TV as well, just in case you want to play any exercise videos.

Perhaps you need a space to set up your home office. The garage will be ideal because it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your family’s household activities. Make sure you have enough outlets for your office equipment and good lighting. Make this area comfortable if you are going to work in this environment.

You can even convert your garage into an extra bedroom. This would be perfect for guests or for your growing teenager who just wants his own space apart from everyone. Explore options for temperature control because your home’s HVAC system usually does not extend into the garage area.

You can even convert your garage into an extra bathroom if you can have the required plumbing installed. It can be a simple as a half bath with just the toilet and a sink.

There are countless ways in which you can transform your garage into a living space. Be creative, and write down your plan. If you think through it carefully, you can have that extra space that you have been wanting for a long time.

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