Remodeling Your Bathroom in a Cost Effective Manner

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Changing the look of a bathroom can raise the value of a home. There are many ways to cut cost. From doing it yourself to hiring a handyman, there are many ways to do it and the more you know the cheaper it will be. Here are some tips on how to do it yourself.

Put new pull knobs and hinges on cabinets. This will give the room some shine. Handles and knobs are cheap and do wonders for the look of a bathroom. Adding new hinges will, for pennies, get rid of the noise some doors make.

Putting in a new sink is easy and fast. There are only a few waterlines to disconnect. Both are located under the sink. Turn off the water, then unscrew the lines and unhook the drain. Now, all that is left is to pull out the sink itself. Sit the new sink in and reconnect all lines, turn on water. Check for leaks. If there are none, waterlines are connected properly. Get caulking and put a bead around the sink. This should double your investment in the room.

The floor needs to be gone over carefully. Remove the covering on the floor and check for damage. After looking over the floor, remove any wood that is rotting. Measure the size of bad area. Cut wood to fit where old wood was removed. Make sure everything is nailed. Apply glue to the floor that will hold the new covering. Cut new floor covering to fit room. Allow the glue to dry before you walk on it. This does not cost much in time or money.

Installing a new toilet is one effective way to add value to a bathroom. Take out the bolts that are holding the toilet to the floor. Lifting the toilet off the ring and checking the seal is a very important step. After removing the toilet from your floor, you should always replace the old wax seal. This will prevent leaks from doing more damage to the floor. There are a number of choices for a new toilet. The one that most people choose would be a one gallon tank. By purchasing this type of toilet, you will also save money on water. Set the new toilet down carefully on the new wax ring. After you are sure that the toilet is lined up perfectly, tighten down the bolts to create a new seal with the wax ring. Now if you have no leaks, the job has been successfully finished.

Although you can hire a handyman to do this work, it can be costly. Learning how to do the work yourself will save you the most money. Hopefully, these tips will be informative. By following these steps, you can get more of a positive return on the investment that you have made. Adding value to your home is as easy as going to the hardware store. Most people think a new look for a room is too expensive, but it does not have to be.

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