Cure Knee Pain

An Athlete's Guide To Chronic Knee Pain

The snake crossed my horse path, next thing I was flying in the air heating the ground real bad. The first thing I felt was a sharp pain in my left knee. It felt like my knee had been torn apart. I could not walk let alone ride my horse. I was really terrified that I will not be able to ride again. Naturally I turned to classic medical treatment to cure my sour knee but they failed to fix it. To cut a long story short I have manage eventually to find the cure by my self and I want to share it with you.

The first thing I thought post the accident was: OK, I have a decent medical care insurance I will get my knee fixed in no time. I have scheduled a date for preliminary exploratory surgery. When I woke up my knee hearts even more, but the worst was still to come. My doctor told me that the damage to my knee is irreversible and that I will never be able to ride horses again. Moreover, I had to wear supporting device for the rest of my life.

For the first time in my life I felt defeated. If the best medical treatment could not cure my knee I will probably have to stay cripple for the rest of my life. These were the worst days of my life: I could hardly walk, and could not dance or ride my horse. Then one day we went to visit an old friend just to find that his wife happened to be physician therapist. Once I have told her my sad story she said that I will walk normally again and more important ride my horse again.

She has really inspired me not to give up and to try a different way then the classical medical way of thinking. In the next couple of weeks I have learned that by exercising correctly I could reverse my knee condition. This was holistic exercise technique called Pilates. An amazing program that I could easily squeeze into my tide daily scheduled. These are some basic exercise with two main aims: first to strengthen the mussels related to my knee movements and the second one is to make my knee more elastic.

That really helped my. Today, my knee is very strong and my supporting mussels are stronger and can naturally support it. I have got rid of the knee supporting device and went back to my normal life. With one exception: continue to exercise every day.

I will never forget the first time I have climbed on the back of my beloved horse. I was actually shivering from excitement. When I felt calm again I rode all the way to my friend’s house to let his wife be proud of what she has done for me.

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