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Krav Maga has become one of the potent combat trainings in the world. It is simple though effective and teaches you to defend yourself against worse situations. The International Krav Maga Federation is the apex body of such combat training practices worldwide.

Krav Maga is an official hand to hand combat system of Israel. It was founded in the year 1930. Other countries also follow this practice as an effective self defense mechanism. You can put Krav Maga into action when you are threatened by an armed or unarmed person. The techniques involved in this type of fighting are striking, grappling, and wrestling to ensure the user’s safety leaving the opponent paralyzed.

Imi Lichtenfeld, born in Bratislava, is the father of Krav Maga. In the year 1948, after Israel declared its independence, the Israeli Defense Force top brass requested Imi to train them on self defense mechanism and fighting. Imi became the chief instructor and for 20 years he taught them the techniques of hand-to-hand combat. During this period of service, he also made it the official combative training for all military personnel, Israeli police and security forces. Krav Maga involved instinctive and simple moves, hence both fit and unfit soldiers found it easy to practice.

After retiring from his service as an instructor, Imi continued to train civilians, law enforcement officials and military personnel on the techniques of Krav Maga. To promote the combat techniques locally and globally, Imi along with his students founded the Krav Maga association in 1978. As it started growing popular beyond the borders of Israel, it became essential to establish an international organization. It was then, the International Krav Maga Federation came into existence with the joint effort of Imi Lichtenfeld and his supporters & students.

Krav Maga training session comprises aerobic training along with self defense mechanisms. Speed, endurance, strength, accuracy and co-ordination are the elements that are given due importance. The main goal being self defense, Krav Maga functions of four basic principles:

  • Counter attack immediately.
  • Aim at vulnerable places like throat, groin, knees, eyes, jaw etc. on the enemy’s body.
  • Weaken the opponent with continuous assault of counter attacks.
  • Be aware to look for a possible escape or objects that can be used as a weapon.

Krav Maga teaches you to defend yourself against kicks, chokes, strangles and weapon threats. Apart from this benefit, it also improves your physical fitness and gives you a greater understanding of body language and its vulnerable areas and pressure points. At present Krav Maga has gained wide populace throughout the world and is effectively used by civilians, military and law enforcement personnel. Men, women and children of all ages and physical abilities, find this combat system an ideal defense mechanism and can train themselves even if they don’t have previous martial arts background. To get a good training on Krav Maga, you can visit sports centers, martial arts schools and dedicated Krav Maga training centers.

The International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) has expanded over the years and now covers countries like Australia, North America, South – east Asia, the Far East, most European countries, and ex-communist countries like Poland, Russia and Hungary. The general structure of this federation is similar everywhere. It comprises a director and instructors at different grades and levels assisting him.

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