Ami Nivs 10 Principles of Krav Maga

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The main principles of Ami, in developing Aiki Krav Maga (hand to hand combat)

“During the nineties, after seeing many ways in the martial art world, and in light of the luck of inner peace of Israelis as a result of increasing violence, I started to develop the “Aiki Krav Maga” method. A method that‘s trying to fix the violence situation in the community, and bring to more peaceful life.

Values: peaceful, self defense, fighting skills, the art of fighting

1. “the way of the student, during his training will start in learning good manners, and education to respect the other, so he can understand the meaning of “love your friend as yourself'”

2. “My students will see the martial art as a way of life, and a spiritual way to achieve peace inner peace, and as the ability to cope with the raising violence in our society.”

3. “A student that stand in these criteria, and is consistent in his training will become at a certain point, a “self defense weapon” in the first place, and an attacking weapon, but will not use the way he learned for bad intentions, only for good ones.”

4. “Try not to be drown to physical violence when you attacked verbally, and when you are physically attacked, do your best not to get hurt, and not hurt people around you.”

5. “Attack and in the same time try to avoid other’s attacks.”

6. “My ambition is that every exercise will be easy and simple to do, so the motorial sequence will be similar to the natural movements of the body.”

7. “The right sequence to perform a perfect exercise is not only to do attack and defense, but to get to a point where your enemy is neutralized on the ground and has no other choice.”

8. “In order to illustrate the physical and mental stress, caused by a violent attack in the street, the exercises will be performed in different simulations that cause stress, in order to reach to instinctive response, and not thought process. “

9. “One of the topics I teach my advanced students, are fighting terror skills, including dealing with situation of weapon threatens (like: pistol, rifle, grenade, gaining control over hostage kidnappers or dealing with few attackers with cold weapon)”

10. .”When an Aiki Krav Maga student stands in all my criteria, and reaches a high level, he acquires knowledge in varied martial arts that lead him to a deeper understanding of the art in fighting and going in a fighter

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