Can You Perform Magic?

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“Magicians” are constantly among the entertainers that are most commonly booked for children’s parties. This love of magic might dissipate as we get older, but there can be no doubting that a skilled magician will have both the children and the adults at any party looking on in astonishment as they perform tricks which seem on the face of it to be impossible.

Of course, the fact that the tricks are being done means that they are not impossible. However, it is that fine line between what is and what seems to be that makes an illusionist worthy of the title of “magician”. Any impressive feat can be explained in some way, but saying that a magician is less talented because they aren’t “really doing magic” is pretty much like saying Usain Bolt is only famous because he can move his legs really quickly.

What youngster has not, on discovering the subtle difference between illusion and magic, not set themselves to trying to learn how the experts are doing it, and repeat the tricks themselves? The ability to perform these tricks is still a skill that impresses many, and demonstrates a high level of talent. In fact, there is plenty of argument to say that if one could do “real magic” it would be an innate or bestowed skill, whereas illusion requires applied learning.

Therefore, learning to do those tricks that appear so magical as children is still worth doing. We are still impressed by skilful illusion, as long as the person performing it can put on a show.

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