Tricks, The Life Of The Party

Magick Power

Have you ever been to a party that is totally dead? And did you wish that someone would come in the room and save the day? Did you maybe daydream that you could be that person and be an instant hero in a room full of beautiful babies? Well here’s an idea that may just fulfill this fantasy for you at that next bomb of a party–why not try magic tricks?

That’s right magic tricks! I’m not talking about the huge David Copperfield type illusions and shows. No just several amazing tricks that I have put together that can be done with household items (or items lying around at a party) that require no extra space or props or prep time.

When you think about it these are the most powerful kind of magic tricks anyway right? I mean you are instantly skeptical when you see magician Copperfield on TV doing his thing because its on TV and it is done with all sorts of special equipment and special camera angles. A total production that allows for so much to go on behind the scenes that it really doesn’t have to be magical at all. More like special effects on a movie really.

On the other hand if you were to say pick up a deck of cards and quickly do 2 or 3 magic tricks without any prep or specially prepared deck then you would truly be magical wouldn’t you. And I’m not talking about the 4 jacks in a house that’s on fire or the 9 stacks of cards with the chosen card specially placed to come out on top. These are lame. I’m talking about cards levitating and disappearing and reappearing. That sounds magical and amazing and hero creating now doesn’t it.

The cool part about these magic tricks is that they don’t require anything more than several hours of practice perfecting techniques and more importantly the knowledge that makes selling the trick easy. This after all is the true skill of a magician. Making the unbelievable seem very ordinary and matter of fact for you.

This knowledge needs to cost something too when you think about it. If it were free than everyone would know how to do the magic tricks and they wouldn’t be very magical anymore would they. So I don’t feel bad for charging for my expertise. It both protects my livelihood and protects the art of magic.

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