Lighted Make Up Mirror

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Vanity, it’s always my favorite sin! So I stole that line. You have to admit, it’s a catchy one. It certainly applies to our species more than any other. Actually I don’t think we’ve ever found another species affected by vanity. It’s a human thing. We get up each day, shuffle into the bathroom and make ourselves look as pretty as possible.

We definitely don’t want the world seeing us at our worst. Most of us prefer to present a flawless image that can be adored by many we come in contact with. This is why we work so hard on our teeth, skin, hair and bodies. All play a significant part. When we’re lacking in one aspect, we leave ourselves open to ridicule. This is something we must avoid.

After all, we have to keep that self esteem in tact. My wife is a primary example of someone who tries their best to look amazing. I can’t help but joke about her lighted make up mirror.

We men do have it a bit easier. We don’t bother with make-up, jewelry and infinite shoes. Less is often more where we’re concerned. Don’t get me wrong! We trim our hair and nails; we shave and slap some pomade in the dew, but we certainly never require a lighted make up mirror.

Thank the dear lord! I purchased a high-end lighted make up mirror for my wife around seven years ago. She was ecstatic at the sight of it. This is great. I want her to have nice things and be able to groom herself the way she pleases. However, now that she has her lighted make up mirror and has used it for years, she can hardly travel without it. This is a bummer.

I guess it’s just one of those many girl things I simply don’t comprehend. Can’t a bathroom mirror offer the same reflection? Won’t it suffice for a few measly days? According to my wife, the answer to that is a resounding NO.

Okay, it’s clear that a lighted make up mirror can ease the make-up application process. Any fool can see this. After all, it magnifies the face up to 10 times. That’s quite the close up. On the other hand, women have to remember that they once did fine without these as well. Ss can someone please remind my wife?

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