Your Move With Women On An Up Note

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You are on a date with a woman and everything is going well. Good conversation, your making her laugh and keeping the conversation on her. Now the date is ending and the last three minutes there has been nothing except stone cold silence.

So you figure this will be a good time to make your move since everything was clicking less than five minutes ago. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!When dealing with women always make your move or escalate the intensity on an up note. In addition you want to leave on an up note as well. Perhaps for some men this advice may sound obvious.

Yet some men do not realize how big a difference this will make with your success with women. When a woman is having a good time with a man she will find it easier and more exciting for her to escalate on increase the intensity with him because she is having fun and it will seem natural, if she even recognizes it at all.

However, when you wait for the fun to end and then make your move it’s too late… In a woman’s mind after the fun(up) time is done your back at square one, suddenly your jumping all the way too square three or four and she has no idea where it is coming from.

In her mind it would be the same as if you had just met and decided to put your tongue down her throat, maybe she wanted you to 1 out of a 100 times but more than likely she is going to respond negatively.

I know that it shouldn’t matter when you make your move on a woman, but it does so the next time you find yourself on a downturn instead of making your move then to escalate (way to late) look to leave on an up note and save the escalation for next time, you will find it to be much easier by then.

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