Make-Up Advice For Teenagers

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It comes as no surprise for us today that teenagers and even very young girls are starting to wear make-up. I cannot say exactly what the right age is when they should actually start wearing them for this is a subjective matter and the decision on allowing their young teens to wear make-up lies solely on the parent.

However, in my own personal opinion I would definitely prefer for my young girls to start wearing make-up only when I feel that they are old enough for it so as to avoid for them to easily mature and develop wrinkles in their early 30s.

With the influence of the media and the abundance of beauty magazines, it is but natural for teenagers to be trying on different beauty cosmetics in the hopes of looking like the magazine models or trying to imitate their idol actresses and singers. It is during this crucial stage that they begin to experience insecurities about themselves so guidance is very much important to avoid her from walking on the wrong path.

With regards to make-up, I would strongly suggest that if she tries to put on herself that you have a talk and give her advice on how to do it and what she could possibly do. Try to go with her when she shops for cosmetics to ensure that she buys those that are right for her age and in order that she wouldn’t be wasting much of her money on unnecessary buys.

I would also suggest that if she possesses extra sensitive skin and is prone to pimples and breakouts that you consult with a dermatologist to help her combat these skin related problems for quite often circumstances like these can make her feel insecure with her looks.

It is essential that you let your teen understand that there are certain aspects of her physical appearance that cannot be changed and so she has to accept that. It is then important that she just focus more on her assets and always have a positive outlook that every girl is beautiful inside and out.

It is also important that she take constructive criticism positively and never allow others to make her feel ugly. As long as she is confident, her beauty inside as well as outside would definitely show.

It would be best that since she is still young, she would stick to the make-up products for teens suited for her age and not on products that are catered for the adult women. Products targeted at the youth contain very delicate ingredients for the young teen’s sensitive skin. Also, let her apply make-up that is light or mild to make it look more natural.

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