Classic Motorcycle Restoration Project

Everyone knows for a fact that motorcycles have long been a symbol for freedom. Now, imagine what it would be like to relive your dreams of cruising down the open road on your very own 1940 WL 45 Flathead motorcycle. If this is getting you excited, then you should definitely try restoring a classic motorcycle.

Now that you purchased your first classic motorcycle, the next step is to restore it. Well, you need to remember that any restoration project involving classic motorcycles can be very time consuming.

And, you also have the funds for it because you will eventually spend a lot of money on the project, especially if the classic or vintage motorcycle you got is not really in a very good condition.

So, what should be the first thing that you should do when restoring a classic motorcycle?

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For starters, you may want to strip it down to the frame. You need to remove everything. Make sure that you document everything that you do and you may want to take pictures of each and every part you remove.

This is the easy part.

The hard part in restoring a classic or vintage motorcycle is looking for the replacement parts. Keep in mind that classic or vintage motorcycles are no longer being produced by the manufacturer. This will also mean that spare parts for it also ceased production. So, just how can you find spare parts for your motorcycle in order for you to fully restore it and bring back its former glory?

For starters, you may want to try looking for it in the internet. There are plenty of websites dedicated to classic motorcycle restoration and you will find plenty of them selling spare parts for different kinds of classic bikes. However, don’t get your hopes up especially if the motorcycle you are working on is extremely rare or if it is a very old model.

Another way for you to find spare parts for your motorcycle is by looking for it on scrap yards. If you can, try looking for the same model of motorcycle that you are trying to restore. This will enable you to find parts that you can salvage for your motorcycle.

Spare parts for classic bikes are very hard to find. In fact, it’s so hard that some people go lengths just to get the part that they need in order to restore their classic motorcycles. Some people even travel across the country or even abroad just to get a hold of the parts they need in order to restore their motorcycle.

The last thing that you can do in order to get spare parts for your motorcycle is by getting it custom made or fabricated. The problem is that you need to have the old part as a reference for the fabricator. If you still have the old part that you want to replace, you can get it fabricated.

These are the ways on how and where to find spare parts for your classic motorcycle. By following these tips, you can be sure that you will be able to have an easier time restoring your vintage or classic bike.

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