Marketing Without The Internet

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Since the internet arrived in our lives, the world has changed completely. It would not be exceeding the bounds of reason to say that this has been the single biggest development in the sphere of global communication since the invention of the telephone, and is in fact on a par with that invention. Just think of your daily routine now, and imagine it without the internet. That means no e-mail, greatly reduced rolling news, no internet banking, no online shopping… you get the picture. And think about how you would go about marketing without the internet.

Of course, marketing predates the internet and as it was possible in the times before we got online, it would remain possible if the world’s servers started crashing tomorrow. We can still market offline now, quite easily. However, it seems like an anachronistic thing to consider – when the internet offers you free marketing, why would you bother with another way?

Actually, there are many reasons why you should consider it. For one thing, not everyone has the internet. Some people don’t have a computer and cannot afford to get one without borrowing more than they are willing to. Others refuse to have the internet for personal reasons, and still others are likely to instinctively distrust things that are sold via the internet. For these reasons, you should have an offline marketing strategy as well as an online one.

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