Pergola Canopy

Pergola & Sun Trellis Plans

The pergola is not built to give shade as it has number of openings. Usually the climbers like vines are grown on them and this will provide you shade to some extent. But if you want them to provide you shade then the option before you is pergola canopy. This will provide you the complete shade when you need.

The pergola canopy is made of fabric and are available readymade on the market. You have to mount them on the track so that you could easily retract them when not needed. This is often operated by motor. The smaller sized pergola canopy could be operated by hand by turning a lever. You need not leave them open all the time. You have to retract them during bad weather conditions so that they will last for a longer time. They are available in a variety of colors and give you shady portion to take rest. They are highly priced and so many of you might find pergola canopy unaffordable.

If you find the fabric pergola canopy unaffordable, you can even use lattice board for the purpose. You can easily screw them to the top and paint them to match your pergola. This will give you more shade but at the same time you will get the open air feel. But some may not like the crisscross pattern underneath it. You can also attach wood trellis as pergola canopy. Make vines to climb on them and you will be happy to see them offering a pretty look. This beautiful pergola canopy attracts the butterflies and humming birds.

The choice most of the people is retractable pergola canopy. You can adjust the shade to your pergola and extend it to protect you from sun. When the sun sets you can open your pergola so that you could have the beautiful sight of the stars. All you have to do is to push a button to make the pergola canopy retract back on its roller. As they are always under tension you can even extend it to the length you want. When the canopy is not in use you can even cover it with a hood that will provide additional protection to your fabric.

You can install the pergola canopy yourself. You can use it on any type of pergola, wood, aluminum or vinyl. You have to specify the choice of the frame color and the color of the fabric and in which end you want your motor to be placed, right or left, when you place your orders. Whether you want fabric pergola canopy or living pergola canopy is your choice.

How To Build A Pergola