Keeping The Incoming Line For Friends and Family

Reverse Phone Check

As useful as the telephone has been and continues to be for contacting loved ones and having loved ones contact you, the danger nonetheless exists that your phone can become a persistent pain in the neck for you if someone gets hold of your number without your say-so. It can lead to almost constant calls, filling up your voicemail with either a breezy invitation to call a number to talk about your household bills or -worse – someone either threatening you or looking to get in touch when you have made clear you wanted nothing more to do with them.

This is something which, undoubtedly, the inventor Alexander Bell never had in mind when he came up with the telephone. And since then, the system has been used, in the main, for cosy personal chats or important business calls. Pointless telemarketing never really featured in the minds of the great innovators of the telecommunications system, but now that the marketers have got it, there is no way they are about to let their efficient automated dialling system be stopped.

The important thing to remember about nuisance calls, wherever they are from, is that they can be stopped if you apply some simple techniques. Do not answer the phone if you don’t recognise the number. Note it down and check it with Reverse Phone Lookup. If it is coming from somewhere with little or no right to give you a call, you can either tell them directly to get gone, or you can inform the police. In the case where it is coming from a personal number, make sure you inform the police if the calls escalate.

Reverse Phone Lookup