Why Is Deforestation An Issue?

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One of the most divisive issues facing the human race today is that of the environment. On one side of the debate there are environmentalists who feel that the planet needs all the help it can get if it is to continue supporting the ever-increasing population of the world, while on the other there are people who claim that the environmental movement is grossly exaggerating problems that are actually well within the control of society and business. Among the major environmental issues that cause such arguments is deforestation, the loss or destruction of forests for a range of reasons.

From an environmental point of view, the loss of these trees is an important issue because forests are an essential part of our environment. They are the natural habitat of numerous species of animal, birds and other life forms. Not only that, but trees are vitally important for what they give human beings – they absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. In a world where carbon is considered to be responsible for a range of problems, trees are a valuable line of defence.

Those on the other side of the debate will argue that the problems of deforestation are grossly exaggerated and that the removal of forests on a manageable scale is essential for the progress of business, farming and accommodation. What cannot be denied is that there is an increasing tendency, for PR reasons, for business and other concerns to try and diminish the issue of deforestation by claiming that the scale is smaller than it really is, and that the level of deforestation is easily supportable. This is a dangerous path to take – forests removed cannot be easily replaced.