Important Summer Skin Care Advice

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Summer is the time of year when everyone wants to be outdoors enjoying themselves. However, if you do not take certain precautions, your skin could become badly damaged. The following article will give you advice to help keep your skin healthy during them summer.

Some sunlight is okay for your skin. In fact, you should spend about 10 minutes in the sun each day, as it provides your body with Vitamin D. However, if you know that you will be spending long periods of time in the sun, it is important that you apply sunscreen to exposed area of your body. This includes your face, neck and back. Also, protect your head and scalp from the sun by wearing a cap on your head when you can. Spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen can cause sunburn, which could ultimately lead to skin cancer.

If you forgot to use sunscreen or did not apply enough and get sunburned, you need to treat it properly. Just letting a sunburn be will cause it take longer to heal and could damage your skin. If you should get sunburned, place a towel or t-shirt in cool water. Next, wring out excess water, and put it over the sunburned area. Finally, lay in front of a fan or air conditioner. Before bed, apply a cooling cream. This should provide you with some relief.

It is important to keep skin hydrated. To do this, be sure to drink plenty of water and carry around a spritzer you can spray on your skin when indoors, outdoors, or even in you are. If you do not keep your skin hydrated, you could become dehydrated, which could even land you in the hospital if it is bad enough.

Be sure to wash off sunblock once you are indoors for the day. When you are outside, you sweat. If you have sunblock on and it mixes with the sweat, your skin will probably become oily and can block pores, leading to acne. Take a shower and apply moisturizer to your skin to keep it balanced.

Be aware of the signs of skin cancer. Unfortunately, the sun is the biggest cause of skin cancer and to catch it early, you need to be aware of the signs. Changes in the color, shape, or size of moles should be a clue that a problem may exist. If you notice this or any other changes to your skin, visit a dermatologist right away.

Be sure to wear bug repellent if you will be in areas with a high insect population. Bug bites are very difficult to deal with; they will cause you to scratch, leading to bleeding and just plain ugly skin. This can be easily prevented with a good quality bug repellent.

As the beginning of this article discussed, people usually want to spend their time outdoors during the summer. But, one needs to be cautious about their skin in order to avoid problems. Use the above advice so your skin does not suffer during the summer.

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