What You Need To Know To Have The Best Skin At Any Age

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Whether you are bothered by dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles or acne, there are a few things you can do to help your skin be the best it can possibly be. Healthy skin is built from the inside out. Read on to find out how.

Keep your body detoxified by drinking a great deal of water. Avoid sodas, alcohol, tea and coffee, energy drinks and juices that are high in sugar. These can all cause skin problems for men and women of any age. Be sure to drink pure, filtered water throughout the day, every day. This will help keep your skin fresh and clear and every part of your body operating at optimum efficiency.

Don’t avoid sweating! Get light to moderate exercise every day for at least fifteen minutes. Be sure to work up a sweat. Follow this with a shower and an all over scrub with a body brush or loofah mitts to gently exfoliate your skin. This practice will give you good blood circulation for an all over glow.

Keeping your skin gently clean is key to having clear, healthy skin. Be sure to cleanse your face twice daily in a manner that is appropriate for your age and skin type. Teens and people with oily skin may cleanse with a gentle, natural soap and follow up with an oil free moisturizer such as aloe gel. Older people and people with dry skin may cleanse with a natural cream or even oil and freshen their skin with witch hazel, white vinegar or lemon juice. Research natural alternatives to chemical facial care products and experiment to find just the right combination for your skin type.

Remember that when you have healthy, clear skin you won’t need to wear a lot of make-up. When you do choose to use make-up, skin creams or other products, be sure to choose light, natural products. Avoid products that contain a long list of chemicals or petroleum products such as petroleum jelly, petrolatum and mineral oil. Instead choose products that make use of light, natural oils, aloe gel and other natural ingredients.

Be sure to wear a hat with a brim when you are in the sun and protect your body from excessive sun by wearing loose fitting, natural fiber long sleeved shirts, blouses, skirts and pants. Avoid using commercial sunscreen products unless you know you are going to be exposed to hot sun for lengthy periods of time. Excessive use of these chemical laden products can negatively impact your health.

Maintain an environment that is conducive to good skin. If you smoke, stop. Don’t allow other people to smoke in your home. Keep the air in your home a proper humidity with the use of a humidifier. Maintain an ambient temperature that will not expose your skin to extremes in heat or cold.

When you take care to eat well, stay hydrated, get good exercise and groom your skin properly, you will surely notice an improvement in your complexion in a very short time. Keeping your home comfortable for your skin will also keep it pleasant. Being happy, comfortable, well groomed and well fed are key elements to having healthy, radiant skin.

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