Giving Up For The Right Reasons

Quit Smoking in 7 Days

Controversial as it may sound, giving up smoking because it is costing you too much rarely works. If money is the only issue, then cigarettes are going to have a hold on you for a while. A pack of twenty might set you back a fair amount – but what about rolling your own, or using a small machine to make the cigarettes? There are plenty of cheaper options, and a mere financial consideration is unlikely to make the difference if you aren’t committed for other reasons.

Does this mean that finance is a pointless consideration in stopping smoking? Not at all, but you need to have other reasons. Giving up for the sake of your health is one consideration – but again, don’t expect it to be the silver bullet. You have probably been told by other people “You shouldn’t smoke – cigarettes are bad for you!”, and you have probably responded “No, really? I thought they were good for me!”, laughed and carried on smoking – so you need to confront the hard facts about how bad they are for you.

If you give up smoking, your breathing will get better and your sense of smell will improve. Your clothes will smell better and your skin and hair will improve. You will wake up in the morning feeling like you can face the day without having to reach for the cigarettes and lighter. Most importantly you won’t have to worry about the health problems and the hole in your finances that can be caused by smoking, and this liberation of your mind is worth the effort.

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