How To Convince A Smoker To Quit: Understand the Habit

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As a non-smoker (or an ex-smoker, depending on your situation), you probably find the entire concept of smoking distasteful. That is, after all, why you may be seeking to help a smoker quit their habit for good. To you, the reasons are obvious; smoking is not only bad for a smokers’ health and appearance, but it has financial repercussions, too. It should seem like an argument you’ll win easily, especially when statistics about how half of smokers want to quit are bandied around. It looks like an argument you, and a few well-learned truths about smoking, are destined to win.

However, what you must understand if you are trying to convince someone to quit smoking is this: smokers like smoking! That might sound like a ridiculous statement, but it’s something many people who try and convince a smoker to quit absolutely forget. A smoker may wish they had never started the habit and may want to quit, but in essence they enjoy the experience of smoking; and that’s why they do it. They probably know the downsides already, and have still chosen to smoke.

It’s important you don’t underestimate how much people can enjoy smoking, and particularly the social aspect of it. When you are presenting your case, don’t ever be harsh to a smoker, or try and shout at them in an attempt to make them quit the habit. Instead, acknowledge this is something they enjoy – even if you can’t see the benefits – and take a softer, more understanding approach. Using a gentler method of convincing, you are far more likely to succeed.

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