A Subconsciously Complex World

Powerful Subliminal Messages

There is a cliché that goes as “to see is to believe”, which is much true in this world where most people are visually inclined and proofs of existence is vital to live. Having faith into something that’s unseen is often questionable by society. So would you believe someone if he tells you that you can change your life by listening to a message that you can’t even hear?

What Message? Louder Please!

Subliminal messages are messages that are embedded into another media for it to be conveyed. Such subliminals are said to be able to affect your behavior or actions. It is said that it can induce you to do something, depending what the message tells you and not knowing you are being influenced by the message.

These messages can come in the form of music where the subliminal message can be embedded in your favorite band’s CD or with in your favorite song. The trick is, that you can’t hear the subliminal message but instead, you only hear your favorite song. Thus, you won’t even know if you are being influenced.

Today’s Trends

With high technology just a stone throw’s away, self-helping subliminals are distributed much easily through different medias like audio or videos. It can be ordered through the Internet and with just one click from your mouse with payments settled, you get what you ordered for in an instant. The question however is does it really work?

Two Sides of The Coin

There are two schools of thoughts regarding those self-helping subliminal messages. First are the people who say that subliminals really work, while the other say that’s it’s just simply a product of your imagination. Before purchasing a product like this, it is important for you to know both sides before you decide.

Go For It!

There are a lot of studies claiming that subliminal messaging is highly effective. There was one incidence in a movie house that a subliminal message was flashed in the screen telling the people to drink coke and eat popcorn, the results were actually astounding since the sales of coke and popcorn that night went sky high.

Of course those in the business in subliminal messaging would advertise their products the best that they can. Thus, there are a lot of testimonials of those said satisfied customers in the websites of those companies selling these products. However, it is subjective on whether you are going to believe them or not.

It’s Just Your Imagination

There are people on the other hand that say, since you’re the one that bought your own customized subliminal product, you already know what message you put in it. It can be a product of your imagination, or a psychological conditioning, that you do a certain action when you listen to that message.

An example is you bought a message that would help you stop smoking. Because you set your mind that what you bought is actually effective, your cravings for smoking is lessened because you tell your self that you’re under the spell of a subliminal message and that you don’t want to smoke. It’s like it’s all in the mind since you know what behavior you are being conditioned to.

In the end, the decision is still yours on whether you would opt to use subliminal messaging or not. Just remember that there’s no greater motivator than believing in you.

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